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The close bond between performer and consumer is, for most, totally fine. The content creator, and several online supporters, have pushed back against her critics, saying that sex work is, indeed, real work - requiring planning, marketing, and physical labor. And yet, like her peers, Kaya, who has set up a charity for sex workers, still insists she is the one in charge - although you have to wonder for How to make money on onlyfans long . One way many content creators are making money on OnlyFans is by getting a little (or more than a little) frisky. Secondly, I think perhaps you can be a little more crafty than that. Can you make money with OnlyFans without a following? According to the OnlyFans website - whether you’re uploading tutorials, tips, behind the scenes footage, or just endless selfies, many of your followers are willing to pay! Have fans or followers pay a monthly subscription for unlimited access to your exclusive content. If you have a free OnlyFans account (your subscriber to not pay monthly fee), OnlyFans gives you the option of having payment gated streams, essentially allows you to set an entry fee to join your your stream.